3 trade deadline moves the Denver Broncos could make in the 2024 NFL Season

Are we thinking this far already? Yes.
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The Denver Broncos could be in a position to add at the 2024 NFL Trade Deadline. Could these three moves be made when that time comes? Yes, the trade deadline is still months away, but that won't stop us from seeing what could happen with this team at that time.

Denver could be in a spot where they are right in the middle of the Wild Card race and could add a player or two. On the flip side of that is them being in the dog-house, if you will, and needing to trade some players to gain cap space and draft picks to build for the future. It feels more likely that Denver could actually add at the deadline given how this team played at times during 2023.

Let's look at three trade deadline moves they could make.

3 trade deadline moves the Denver Broncos could make in the 2024 NFL Season

Trade for a top wide receiver

Take your pick, here. Denver may need another wide receiver at the trade deadline in 2024. Perhaps that player is CeeDee Lamb. Maybe it's Brandon Aiyuk. Heck, maybe it's someone else we aren't talking about. Overall, the long-term need is there, unless Marvin Mims or Troy Franklin want to be that WR1 for the team.

All of Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, and Josh Reynolds are who they are, so we know what to expect from them, but if Denver is in the mix, adding a dynamic play-maker would be hard to pass up.

Add an EDGE rusher

Denver did add some bodies along the defensive front this offseason in John Franklin-Myers, Malcolm Roach, Angelo Blackson, and Jonah Elliss. The unit is more stout this time than it was at any point in 2023. However, there is still clearly a need for a pass rusher, so Denver could again dip into this market at the trade deadline. Someone like Matthew Judon of the rebuilding New England Patriots makes a ton of sense.

But any other team who is way out of the mix at that point during the NFL trade deadline could have a desire to sell. Denver might be able to get a premier position for a low cost

Trade away veterans on expiring deals

Now, on the flip side, if Denver is way out of this thing, the team should sell. Perhaps players like Courtland Sutton, Alex Singleton, Levi Wallace, and maybe others could be on the chopping block. At this point, Denver would most definitely be looking toward the future and would be eyeing a year down the line as a time where they could be competitive again.

It would be hard to stomach yet another brutal season, especially after how solid they were at times in 2023. Denver was 7-6 at one point last year and had a playoff spot in view, but they crumbled a bit at the end of the season. Anyway, the ideal scenario here is that Denver doesn't think about selling, but it's possible until it doesn't happen.