3 things Steelers fans should brace for with new quarterback Russell Wilson

Prepare yourselves, Steelers fans.
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
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Maybe a few late-game comebacks

In 2023 with the Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson was credited with four fourth-quarter comebacks and four game-winning drives. He actually led the league in fourth-quarter comebacks last year. Wilson had a habit for the dramatic, and while it was fun and exhilarating for Broncos fans, it was also quite stressful.

The Steelers are a well-coached football team that simply do not lose much at all. During Mike Tomlin's tenure thus far as their head coach, he has never finished with a losing season. Given that Wilson seems to still have the clutch gene in him, and given how consistent Tomlin has been with his record, there are bound to be a few occasions where Wilson and the Steelers mount a late-game comeback.

You do have to give credit to Russell Wilson for this part of his game in 2023. I mean, he was money in the fourth quarter. And unless he truly hit and wall and is just unplayable in 2024, Steelers fans will get to enjoy a few of these.

An overall rollercoaster experience

And at the end of the day, Russell Wilson will provide the Pittsburgh Steelers with a rollercoaster of an experience. Some weeks will leave the fans feeling on top of the world, and other weeks will leave them feeling like they root for the worst team in football. This rollercoaster has only gotten more aggressive as the QB has gotten older.

He's aging and declining, and might not even be in the league in a couple of short seasons. The 2024 NFL Season with the Pittsburgh Steelers might be his last shot to be a viable starter in the NFL. There could come a time when Wilson is reduced to being a one-year bridge quarterback, but you never know.

Steelers fans should prepare themselves for this crazy ride accordingly.