3 things the Denver Broncos must do after trading for Zach Wilson

The Denver Broncos got down to business on Monday, and should now aim to accomplish these items on their to-do list.
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2. Cut "dead weight" players after draft, namely Jarrett Stidham and DJ Jones

In my opinion, if the Denver Broncos address the positions that I believe they will, there will be some dead-weight players, if you will that should be cut, and two that stick out are Jarrett Stidham and DJ Jones. Stidham can save the Broncos $5 million on their 2024 cap number with a release this offseason, and DJ Jones can save the Broncos nearly $10 million.

If the Broncos, ideally, were to come away with DT Byron Murphy II and QB Bo Nix with their firs two picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, it makes all the sense in the world to cut some veteran players who just don't have a spot on the team anymore. Sean Payton could surely make the QB room of Nix and Wilson work, and the DL with Murphy would make DJ Jones much more expendable.

3. Explore remaining free agent market for last-minute additions before offseason gets rolling more

After the 2024 NFL Draft, things will begin to settle down as teams start to round out their rosters for the bulk of the offseason activities. For the Denver Broncos, they should dive into the remaining free agent market to see what else remains and what other positions could still use a boost.

If they don't take an inside linebacker in the 2024 NFL Draft, for example, they might have an interest in bringing in another FA linebacker. Or maybe, Denver is not able to address their EDGE room during the draft. This could cause them to dip into the free agent market to find a veteran EDGE. It's obviously so hard to say what positions the Denver Broncos still might be willing to target.

But they should continue to explore every avenue to improve their team after their busy Monday.