3 teams that could make it impossible for Broncos to trade back and land QB

If the Broncos want a first-round QB, they might have to stay put at pick #12 or move up
Denver Broncos
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3. Las Vegas Raiders (13th pick)

Perhaps the biggest threat facing the Denver Broncos right now is the Las Vegas Raiders. The threat of the Raiders making a move on a quarterback has been seemingly growing by the day.

Vegas got some nice stuff on tape last year from rookie Aidan O'Connell, and they went out this offseason and snagged Gardner Minshew in free agency. With that being said, the Raiders have still been connected to players like Michael Penix Jr. and Jayden Daniels (in a trade-up scenario) throughout the draft process.

One thing the Broncos simply cannot do is let their division rivals outbid them for the quarterback they want. That would sting in multiple ways. The Raiders have to be taken seriously as a threat to select a quarterback, whether they do so by moving up or taking one at pick #13 overall.

Ultimately, it just doesn't seem realistic at this point for the Broncos to move back and still land a QB of their choosing. Maybe mock draft machines are saying it's possible, but momentum seems to be building for five quarterbacks, maybe six, to be off the board within the first 15 picks. There are simply too many teams in the market for the Broncos to try and get cute about it.

Especially if it means losing one of your top targets to a division rival.