3 teams that could make it impossible for Broncos to trade back and land QB

If the Broncos want a first-round QB, they might have to stay put at pick #12 or move up
Denver Broncos
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2. Los Angeles Rams (19th pick)

With pretty persistent rumors over the last couple of years that Los Angeles Rams starting QB Matthew Stafford could potentially retire in the near future, Sean McVay and company can't be discounted as legitimate threats to take a quarterback in the first round.

As a matter of fact, they've already been connected to potential Broncos target Michael Penix Jr.

The idea of the Rams getting Penix (or Bo Nix, for that matter) could really throw a wrinkle in the Broncos' Draft night plans. If Sean Payton and George Paton feel like there's a chance they could drop down into the 20s and still get the QB they want, the might find they are sorely mistaken.

Then again, trading down into the 20s would clearly indicate that the Broncos are okay not getting certain players at the quarterback position. Anytime you move that far down the board, you are sending a signal that you don't love your options.

Especially when it comes to the quarterback position, if you have conviction on a guy, you're not going to play with fire. If the Broncos are wanting to trade down and still take a quarterback, they might not be able to move past the Rams, who are currently slated to pick 19th overall.