3 teams the Denver Broncos should be worrying about in the 2023 season

Just because the Denver Broncos appear to be trending in the right direction, does not mean the 2023 season won't come without some struggle
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2. New York Jets

The New York Jets being good in 2023 would be a stab to the heart for Broncos Country. In many ways, they are the 2022 Denver Broncos. They acquired a veteran QB via trade in Aaron Rodgers. They also hired Nathaniel Hackett on their staff and are hoping the pairing of Hackett/vet QB and a solid defense can put them back into relevancy.

That is very much like the Denver Broncos from 2022. However, there is reason to believe that the Jets are going to be very good in 2023. They were somehow 7-4 at one point in 2022 starting Zach Wilson and Mike White. They collapsed and finished 7-9, but look to be in a different place for 2023.

The Broncos and the Jets also play each other this year, and with Sean Payton's fiery USA Today interview going public, there seems to be a brewing rivalry between the two clubs. Frankly, I'd be lying to myself if I said I was not worrying about the Jets a little bit.

If the New York Jets are better than the Denver Broncos this year, Broncos Country will not hear the end of it, and you'll surely hear the Jets' organization clap back at Denver. The hope is that the Jets play like the Broncos did in 2022 with everything blowing up in their faces. If not, not only will the Jets be annoying to watch play, but they may also be battling with the Denver Broncos for playoff seeding.