3 teams the Denver Broncos should be worrying about in the 2023 season

Just because the Denver Broncos appear to be trending in the right direction, does not mean the 2023 season won't come without some struggle

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In the literal sense, the Denver Broncos should only be worrying about themselves, but there are a few teams in the AFC that stick out as teams Denver should worry about in 2023. It's nice that Denver doesn't have a super tough schedule. They also play no international games, have nine home games, and have their bye week in the middle of the season.

All in all, they have a great schedule ahead of them, at least better than a lot of their AFC foes. However, they do play in the AFC West, which should be a very tough division, and the AFC itself is a loaded conference with 10+ teams that can make the postseason. The Broncos may have to get a bit lucky at points in the 2023 season if they want to squeak into the playoffs.

Should the Denver Broncos worry about a few teams in the conference? I think so. Let's dive into three of them.

3 teams the Denver Broncos should be worrying about in the 2023 season
1. Kansas City Chiefs

This is the most obvious one, right? The defending Super Bowl champions and a team who has won two titles since 2019. The Kansas City Chiefs are not going anywhere and have played in the AFC Championship game for five straight seasons. They are a juggernaut and many have a new threat on offense in Justyn Ross.

The Broncos did play the Chiefs very close in both of their matchups last year, which is encouraging given how dysfunctional Denver was. Now that they have a solid coaching staff in place, there is reason to believe that Denver can beat the Chiefs at least once in 2023, and they might need to in order to make the playoffs.

However, at the end of the day, the Chiefs are still the Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes seems to be getting better. They are always going to be a team that Denver is going to have to worry about. I think at this point, one of the first things that we look at as fans is our matchups with the Chiefs. Denver hasn't beaten them since their Super Bowl season back in 2015.