3 Streaks the Broncos must end in 2023

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There is hope and optimism heading into 2023 Broncos Camp, but an understanding of what must be remedied in Denver. For the Broncos, their last few seasons that began with hope have all ended the same way: disappointment. Sean Payton and the 2023 Broncos are looking for a different ending, one with more joy and a strong, definitive step forward. For that to happen, certain things in Broncos Country that have become consistent, must come to an end. Here are 3 streaks in Broncos Country that must end in 2023.

1) Beat the Chiefs

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Last Accomplished: 2015 (Week 2)

The last time the Broncos beat the Chiefs, the team only had two Super Bowls to their name. Every game since their road game against the Chiefs during Week 2 of 2015, the one where Bradley Roby's scoop-and-score clinched a 2-0 start. Since that game, the Broncos have lost every dual with the Chiefs, and in the meantime, Kansas City has brought home two Super Bowl rings.

If the Broncos want to see 2023 success, they need to start with winning within their division, specifically beating the Chiefs. If you begin your season with two automatic losses in your division, it makes making the playoffs a much more daunting task, let alone attemtping to win the division. The Broncos have gotten close to beating the Chiefs in recent years, including both of their games last year, but are yet to get the job done. If the Broncos can finally knock off Patrick Mahomes, the team stands a shot to compete in the AFC West and make a push to crack the playoffs out of the AFC.