3 roster decisions Broncos got right, 2 they will regret

Which roster moves did the Denver Broncos get right and which did they get wrong in 2023?

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Broncos got it right...with their undrafted free agents

The Broncos set a franchise record with four undrafted free agent rookies making the 2023 53-man roster, which is absolutely awesome. Running back Jaleel McLaughlin, offensive tackle Alex Palczewski, tight end Nate Adkins, and outside linebacker Thomas Incoom made the initial 53-man roster, and their emergence came at a great time, because the Broncos' 2023 NFL Draft class only included 5 players.

Now, are these guys going to be leading the Broncos in any statistical categories anytime soon? Not likely. Are they going to play substantial snaps in 2023? Probably not. That's not the point. The point is, the Broncos identified talented players outside of the NFL Draft and the scouting department deserves a ton of credit. Not only that, but the coaching staff deserves a ton of credit for putting these guys in positions to succeed.

You always love to see undrafted players make it but to have four guys on one roster? That's an incredible achievement.

We'll see these guys out there making plays in 2023 and everyone in Broncos country is specifically excited to see Jaleel McLaughlin make plays when he's sprinkled in. The UDFA to watch for, however, could very well end up being Nate Adkins. He should have a significant role on special teams immediately.