3 reasons why Russell Wilson is doomed to fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Russell Wilson could fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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3. He's simply washed-up

I was a huge defender of Russell Wilson after the 2022 NFL Season and knew he had something left in the tank. I refused to believe he was washed up, and well, it looks like I may have been only half right. In 2023, Wilson definitely showed some nice things here and there; he was pretty solid off-schedule and was making plays with his legs.

The deep ball was still there as well. Overall, there was a huge improvement from Wilson in 2022 to 2023, but overall, this is still a washed-up QB who could not succeed with an elite play-caller and a very good offensive line. It's clear that the Denver Broncos were still winning games with Russell Wilson, but he is truly a shell of his former self.

And now that he's stepping into a new team and also one year older, the "washed-up" factor might get bigger and bigger. He's set to play in his age-36 season. Folks, that isn't young. He's not getting faster and his arm is not getting stronger either. Prime Russell Wilson was a joy to watch, but that's not who he is anymore.

Now yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback situation in 2023 was horrible. The trio of Steelers QBs combined for just 13 touchdown passes in 2023, and Wilson had 26 with the Broncos. However, Wilson being paired with a rookie QB would have been a more viable solution. Instead, Justin Fields is the backup QB, which isn't a great solution.

Anyway, Russell Wilson is washed-up and probably won't perform well for the Steelers in 2024.