3 reasons why the Jim Harbaugh hire is a disaster for the Broncos

This ain't good, folks.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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3. Chargers may have a leg-up on college prospects

Jim Harbaugh coached at Michigan since 2015. He just won a national championship with the team, so you best bet that Michigan's current roster is littered with NFL prospects. Furthermore, there also might be other NFL prospects who transferred from Michigan that Jim Harbaugh might know a lot about.

And when it comes to building his coaching staff, Jim Harbaugh may also pick from his staff at Michigan as well. So my main point here is that the Los Angeles Chargers may already have a huge head start on the 2024 NFL Draft, and drafts in the future as well. This is bad news, as Super Bowl teams are built through the NFL Draft, not free agency.

The Denver Broncos draft results just have not been good enough in recent years, and now having to deal with a team that may all of a sudden be a great drafting franchise is going to be tough to swallow. Fortunately, Sean Payton has had a solid track record in the NFL Draft, and the buck stops with him in terms of the roster.

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So hopefully, Payton and the front office can build on their first draft together and bring in more quality talent. The team does have a first-round pick for the first time since the 2021 NFL Draft, which is excellent news. The Broncos are going to need to hit on a bunch of draft picks in the coming seasons even if they want to compete with the Chargers in that regard.