3 reasons why Denver Broncos can make the playoffs in 2023

Do you believe after Week 8?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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3. Sean Payton's record in the second half of seasons is noticeably better

Before the 2023 season began, this was the record split of Sean Payton as HC in the NFL:

In September, he's 27-23 for a .540 winning percentage. In October through January, his winning percentage jumps to .654. So, let's just say that from Week 10 through the end of the season, the Denver Broncos win 65.4 percent of their games (they have a bye in Week 9).

If they did that, they'd win six of their final nine games, which would bring their record to 9-8 on the 2023 season. Would that be enough to make the postseason? Perhaps. Right now, the AFC is very tight, and I think it'll all end up coming down to tiebreakers. Well, if the Denver Broncos did finish 9-8, they'd have to win a good chunk of their seven remaining AFC games after the bye week.


Going 6-3 does seem very tough, but this Broncos' team has totally turned the tables over the last month, and Payton has definitely been in these situations before, so perhaps we should be cautiously optimistic.