3 reasons why Denver Broncos can make the playoffs in 2023

Do you believe after Week 8?
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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2. Russell Wilson has not been great, but he's been efficient and is not losing games for the team

Let's be real: even though Russell Wilson threw three touchdowns in Week 8 and had a passer rating over 100, he was not that good. He held on the ball for way too long and took numerous unnecessary sacks. However, the truth is the truth:

He's thrown four times as many touchdowns as interceptions and is still an efficient QB from a statistical standpoint. He's not the sole reason why Denver is losing games and was just good enough for the team to get the win on Sunday. I think the Broncos' offense can use this bye week as a chance to button things up on offense and make some improvements.

The unit is right now the epitome of average, ranking 16th in the NFL in points scored per game. And right now, that's fine. The unit will need to step up and put more points on the board, and we have seen Wilson light it up this year. He's thrown at least one touchdown pass in every single game this year and has thrown multiple TD passes in five games in 2023.

In five of his eight games, he's had a passer rating of at least 100, and has thrown 0 interceptions in five games as well. He's not his old self, but he's still very efficient, and the Denver Broncos can definitely win with this version of Wilson.