3 reasons to be worried about the Denver Broncos 2024 season

How worried should we be about the 2024 season for the Denver Broncos?
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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The Denver Broncos now look to be an up-and-coming team, but should there be reasons to worry for the 2024 NFL Season? Well sure, there definitely will be some reasons to worry. Wrapped up in the recent happenings of the Denver Broncos has been a ton of optimism surrounding Bo Nix and the new era of football.

But that won't be all sunshine and roses. There are bound to be some rough patches that Denver will have to deal with, and heck, it might even get ugly. However, with a strong coaching staff in place, the Broncos should come out of this in the right position. Heading into the 2024 NFL Season, what are three reasons to be worried about the Denver Broncos?

3 reasons to be worried about the Denver Broncos 2024 season

1. Maybe the consensus on Bo Nix is correct

The consensus on Bo Nix seemed to be a late-first or early-second-round pick. When Nix was taken at 12 by the Broncos, many people hammered the pick as being a massive reach. Many of these people who dogged the Broncos for this pick were average NFL analysts/content creators. However, we do know that Nix was the third-rated QB on the Denver Broncos board.

So the Broncos taking Nix at 12 seemed to be great value for them. But what if the Broncos were wrong, and the consensus folks were correct? What if Nix is a second-round talent that the Broncos reached on? If so, it'll be a rocky road.