3 reasons to be optimistic about the 2024 Denver Broncos

Should we be optimistic about the 2024 Denver Broncos?

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3. More stability at quarterback

You have to give credit to Sean Payton for at least trying to make it work with Russell Wilson. To a degree, it did. Wilson was more efficient as a passer, finishing with 26 TDs, 8 INTs, and a passer rating just below 100. He took care of the ball more and was showing signs of the old Russell Wilson from his days in Seattle.

However, a lot of Wilson's stats were simply empty calories. The Broncos passing game was truly one-dimensional, and Wilson was not able to work the intermediate part of the field in the passing game, which is a must for Payton's offenses to work. A lot of what Wilson was able to do was only dump-offs to the running back or deep passes to Courtland Sutton.

In order to look at Wilson's performance in 2023 objectively, you have to look beyond the box score. Well, Payton will have the chance to start fresh at QB if he wants. The team is likely moving on from Russell Wilson in some capacity in 2024, and Payton already brought in someone he likes at the position in Jarrett Stidham.

Payton could always look to upgrade from Stidham, and the Broncos also have a high enough first-round draft pick to land one of the top passers in this year's class. The mid rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft may also have QBs that Sean Payton likes.


Whatever path the Broncos take with the QB position, it's very likely that the position is more stable in 2024.

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