3 reasons to be excited about the Denver Broncos 2024 NFL Draft

There is a lot to be excited about in the 2024 NFL Draft!

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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2. Potential for a top prospect to slip

There were some recent rumors swirling that UNC quarterback Drake Maye could actually slip in the 2024 NFL Draft, perhaps falling enough for the Denver Broncos to trade up with a team that may already have a franchise QB. I also think that there's a possibility of another very enticing prospect sliding, and that is Georgia tight end, Brock Bowers.

Given how many teams picking before the Broncos need desperate help at tackle, wide receiver, and QB, that could end up being bad news for Bowers, who potentially gets drafted lower than he originally thought. If the Broncos don't fall in love with a quarterback enough to select him at 12th overall, they could take advantage of Bowers or another top prospect sliding down the board.

3. Another year for Sean Payton to bring in his guys

During his time with the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton has had a ton of success in the NFL draft. Most notably, the Saints 2017 draft is easily one of the best of all-time. Yes, all-time. The Saints drafted all of Marshon Lattimore, Ryan Ramcysk, Marcus Williams, Alvin Kamara, Alex Anzalone, and Trey Hendrickson in that draft.

And each player is still contributing at a high level. Unfortunately for Ramcyzk, the tackle is dealing with a knee issue that may end his career. Payton has had other very good drafts as well. Who's to say it can't happen in 2024 with the Denver Broncos? Denver could potentially turn their first-round pick into more picks, maybe even getting into the second round.


The team could also trade a player or two for a mid-round draft pick, increasing their capital. Overall, Payton's history as a roster-builder and his performance in the NFL draft should make this year very exciting.