3 Reasons The Broncos Need To Move Up For This Projected First Rounder

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3. The Broncos need a backup plan

If things go sideways for the Broncos in 2023, it is fair to worry about the job status of Russell Wilson. As has been previously stated, the Broncos can move on from Russ after 2023 without much worry. If they make that decision, Levis would be a strong heir to the throne of the Broncos signal caller. If the Broncos feel compelled to make a move in season, they would very likely go to Stidham, someone that Sean Payton has had high praise for.

However, looking beyond 2023, it would make a lot of sense to think that you might need to find your quarterback of the future in the 2023 draft. If the Broncos struggle again in 2023, they would likely not have their 2024 starting quarterback on the roster as currently constructed. If recent times for the Broncos have served as any indication, it is never a bad idea to have backup plans as the perfect plan can sometimes go haywire.

In an event where the Broncos go sideways, Levis would be a strong candidate to start in 2024 and beyond. He'd be 25 by the time he begins starting, and would have a handful of years under contract. His style of play, a pocket passer with some mobility and good playmaking skills, feels awfully similar to some other quarterbacks that Joe Lombardi and Sean Payton have worked with, such as Phillip Rivers and, to a lesser extent, Drew Brees. Not to say that Levis will become one of those two, but the general skillset and makeup would not be foreign to the Broncos' offensive brain trust, and might even be a strong-suit for the two coaches.

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