3 Reasons The Broncos Need To Move Up For This Projected First Rounder

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2. Mobile quarterbacking is a young man's game

Russell Wilson has made a living by escaping sacks, breaking out massive runs on broken plays, living outside of the pocket, and having a cannon of an arm. However, only one of those tools can usually last into an age 35 season. Russell will turn 35 during the season, and is not getting any younger. He showed flashes of still having great legs at the back-end of the season, but there is nothing to show he can sustain that over an 18 week regular season.

Given his age and recent bout with injuries, it is also fair to assume that Wilson would need an incredibly strong offensive line to be able to continue to move around behind the line of scrimmage. The Broncos offensive line figures to be much improved, especially after the additions through free agency and a presumably healthy Garrett Bolles, but there is no guarantee of health or a lack of regression from certain spots. If the Broncos offensive line can't do a complete 180 and be one of the best units in the league, especially at the tackles, Russ might be in for another long season.

In this scenario, Russ might struggle again, leading the Broncos to wanting to make a change at quarterback, whether that be in season or long-term. If they decide to go that route, Levis would be a strong long-term answer. For one, the Broncos would be getting a presumed first-round talent without having to pay a first-round price in moving up.

Second, Levis would be ready to play in the NFL almost immediately. There would be no concern of starting him before he is ready. Levis would also give the Broncos insurance in their quarterback room long beyond the contract of backup Jarrett Stidham, and with how easy it would be to move on from Wilson after 2023, it would make sense for the Broncos to want another arm under contract for four years on their roster.