3 reasons Russell Wilson is a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Reportedly, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Russell Wilson have mutual interest.

Russell Wilson
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2. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has never had a losing record

Another big reason why Russell Wilson could be a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers is because Mike Tomlin has never had a losing record during his head coaching tenure with the Steelers. And for Wilson, it's clear that he still desires to win football games. Well, every player does I am sure.

But among all the possible suitors, Wilson signing with the Steelers and earning the starting job is basically a guarantee that the team will win nine games at least in 2024. And the Steelers did win 10 games in 2023 with the likes of Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph at QB.

Not only would Russell Wilson be an obvious upgrade over those three passers, but the Steelers could actually take that step beyond treading around .500. Wilson may not lead a team to a Super Bowl, but with a strong defense, good running game, and playing within an offense that caters to his strengths, the Steelers might be able to re-create the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson era.

The Steelers have not won a playoff game since 2016, and they are falling further behind in the AFC the longer they don't have a viable QB. Sure, Russell Wilson won't be a long-term option for the team, but he can certainly play well for a couple of years, which may also give the Steelers time to draft and develop a younger QB.