3 reasons Russell Wilson will bounce back for Broncos in 2023

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Three reasons Russell Wilson will bounce back in 2023
3. Potential for healthy skill players

Tim Patrick looks set to return from his torn ACL soon. Javonte Williams might be back from his torn ACL for week one. Garett Bolles is likely healthy for the beginning of the season. The team also signed Marquez Callaway and will surely add more offensive firepower in the draft and during the rest of free agency.

The potential skill players for the Broncos at this moment could be quite lethal. There will be some changes between now and the beginning of the 2023 season, but as of now, we should be cautiously optimistic that this unit can be productive.

Bonus reason: Broncos are being counted out

WHO the heck is currently looking at the Broncos as a team that can make some noise in 2023? Honestly, I've hardly seen it at all. Most seem to believe that Wilson is over the hump and the Broncos might not do much because of that.

I think it can motivate any team if they're not being viewed as a serious contender. "Oh yeah, you want to count us out, watch this!" type of mindset. The team is filled with some very talented players and I'm not sure there are 10 teams with strong rosters than the Denver Broncos.

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