3 reasons Kirk Cousins is perfect for the Denver Broncos in 2024

The Denver Broncos could benefit from Kirk Cousins in 2024.

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2. Kirk Cousins was on pace to have the best year of his career in 2023

Kirk Cousins was on pace to have an extremely prolific season through the air, and the Vikings' winning streak after their 1-4 start was fueled by insane play from Cousins. Over a full, 17-game season, Cousins in 2023 was on pace for the following numbers:

459/661, 4954 yards, 38 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 103.4 passer rating.

It's not like Kirk Cousins was declining. Many quarterbacks during their NFL careers had their best statistical season later during their time in the league. This is the case for guys like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and nearly Kirk Cousins. For the QB position, aging does not necessarily mean that the stats decline. At some point that does happen, but it's clear that 2023 was not going to be that year for Cousins.

And I understand why Cousins coming off an Achilles injury would worry some, but that injury was back in October, so Cousins realistically will have 10 months to recover from it. He should be ready for Week 1 of the 2024 NFL Season, and it's not like he sustained a brutal injury to his throwing arm or shoulder.

This was also the first notable injury of his career. The Denver Broncos would not be signing an injury-prone QB, and him being a true pocket passer also means he does not have to rely on his legs much to make plays.