3 reasons the Denver Broncos should sign DeAndre Hopkins

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The Denver Broncos don't exactly need to sign DeAndre Hopkins, but let's make an argument for why they might just need to. DeAndre Hopkins is a star wide receiver who is now a free agent and free to sign with any team that he wants to.

Two of the biggest fits for Hopkins that have been floated for a while now are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Both teams could use another pass catcher on offense, and both teams are obviously Super Bowl contenders.

That would be a classic move of the rich getting richer, and adding Hopkins to one of those teams would almost seem unfair for the rest of the league. I think there are some arguments to be made for why the Broncos need to take a swing and sign DeAndre Hopkins.

3 reasons the Denver Broncos should sign DeAndre Hopkins
1. Hopkins doesn't have a shortlist of teams he wants to go to

Here's what ESPN's Jeremy Fowler had to say about DeAndre Hopkins:

"DeAndre Hopkins, I’m told, is sorting out potential free agency visits that he could take in the coming days, Fowler said on SportsCenter on Saturday morning, per Bleacher Report. He’s not overly rushed here, though. I was told that basically minicamp is a soft deadline, training camp in late July is more of a hard deadline. And so, he’s looking at the entire league. This is not a situation where he is only looking to play with certain quarterbacks, or a short list. He’s pretty open-minded here is what shakes down."

Jeremy Fowler

According to Fowler, who is well-connected, Hopkins doesn't necessarily have a shortlist of who he wants to play with and appears to be very open as to who he plays for. This could end up being excellent news for the Broncos, who have a very attractive piece in place with their head coach.

If he's open to potentially playing with any team that makes a strong enough case, why shouldn't the Broncos pursue? They have state-of-the-art facilities, a strong defense, stable ownership and management, and an elite offensive head coach. What more could Hopkins realistically want?