3 reasons the Denver Broncos should move on from Kareem Jackson

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3) No Future Role in Denver

The final reason that the Broncos need to move on from Kareem Jackson rests on the fact that the Broncos are entering a full-on rebuild, which will feature a new defensive system, and will need to get younger than the 35-year-old defensive back. Jackson has been in Denver for five years now, and while he has had his moments and has played well over his tenure, Jackson's play has diminished along with his speed and is blocking multiple safeties from larger roles in Denver.

Jackson is on another one-year deal in Denver, and is likely on his way out the door after 2023, considering Sean Payton has already begun a roster overhaul, and will likely do so again this spring.


Jackson's NFL career is in its final years, and his time in Denver should be in its final. The safety has struggled in coverage the last few years, a lot of which has been due to an inability to close on balls in the air, and has been burned in man-to-man coverage. Jackson still closes on the ball carrier well and is able to lay a strong hit, but he has shown no ability in 2023 to be able to control his hits. His hits have injured other players, cost the Broncos penalty yards, and cost himself at least two halves of football so far. The time on Kareem Jackson's tenure in Denver has run its course, and it is time for the Broncos to move on.

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