3 reasons the Denver Broncos should move on from Kareem Jackson

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2) Consistent, Costly Penalties

If there is one thing that has defined Jackson's 2023, it has been his multiple penalties for unnecessary roughness, his now five fines, and two ejections. Jackson's first ejection turned their week two game against Washington on its head, leading to a three-possession blown lead and the Broncos falling to 0-2 at home to start their year.

Before his week two hit, Jackson laid a nasty hit on Las Vegas wide receiver Jakobi Meyers, resulting in Meyers remaining down for some time, a penalty, and a subsequent fine from the league. In total, Jackson has been fined four times by the NFL for his hits, and will likely see his fifth this week. Jackson could also be suspended by the league, considering he has now been flagged four times and ejected twice for dangerous hits on receivers.

Jackson's consistent issues are a problem for the Broncos for a number of reasons. First, his hits are putting other players in harm's way and creating a dangerous environment for players. Jackson has a reputation as a hard hitter, but not a dirty one. However, five different instances in the young season point to Jackson having an issue with controlling his hits. As the season progresses, Jackson has been liable for not only hurting the Broncos by being ejected and costing them large chunks of penalty yards but also potentially injuring other players.

Jackson's hits have laid out Logan Thomas and Jakobi Meyers and required them medical attention after the hit. Jackson's play this year has ben dangerous and reckless and could be cause for the Broncos to move on.