3 reasons why the Denver Broncos 2023 season could already be over

Could the Denver Broncos 2023 season ALREADY be over?

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3. The injury bug still seems to be clouding the team

Tim Patrick is out for the second straight year. KJ Hamler has a heart condition and was cut from the roster. Jerry Jeudy is battling a hamstring injury. Jalen Virgil is out for the year. Brandon Johnson and Mike McGlinchey both had injuries already during the game. DJ Jones had a concussion, and Justin Simmons battled a minor injury as well. Jonas Griffith is out for the ear with a torn ACL.

The Broncos are already facing some injuries, and if this trend keeps up, the team might not be able to keep up and may end up faltering as the season progresses. Injuries are simply the worst, especially if a team is talented enough to win a lot of games. It's one thing if a bad team is battling injuries, but let's say the Denver Broncos win five of their first eight games and are in a playoff spot at the time of their bye week.


Even the thought of them dealing with injuries in the latter half of the season would just be devastating and could derail a potential playoff push for them. No matter what team you cheer for, injuries suck, plain and simple. Hopefully, the Broncos, who have been one of the most injured teams in the NFL over the last five or so years, can enjoy some good injury luck and not have to deal with what they did last year.

If so, and if the injury bug is still with the team, you can kiss 2023 goodbye.

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