3 reasons why the Denver Broncos 2023 season could already be over

Could the Denver Broncos 2023 season ALREADY be over?
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The Denver Broncos appear to be in a solid spot heading into the 2023 NFL season, but could the coming campaign already be over for the team? I don't necessarily think that the season is already in the trash, but there could be a few reasons why it's the case. The 2022 NFL season for the Denver Broncos was supposed to be a bit of a rebirth for the franchise.

The team finally brought in a young, offensive head coach in Nathaniel Hackett and also made a huge trade for a future Hall of Fame QB in Russell Wilson. Many looked at the Broncos as being a competitor once again, but we all know how that year ended up. Now, even more change was brought to the franchise this offseason.

Out went Hackett, and in came Sean Payton, along with well over $200 million in various free agency roster additions. The second act of the Russell Wilson era seems to be in a better place than 2022. Wilson is down about 15 pounds and is back to his old playing weight. Payton has spoken highly of Wilson during the offseason and how he's picked up the offense, and the free agency decisions made improved the roster on paper.

I could easily argue that Denver is one of the seven best teams in the AFC and one of the 12 best teams in football. Sean Payton is even on record saying that he'd be angry if this was not a playoff team this year. However, could there be reason to believe that this season is already over? Let's cover three reasons why this could be the case.

3 reasons why the Denver Broncos 2023 season could already be over

1. QB Russell Wilson could indeed be washed up

The 2022 version of Russell Wilson was probably the worst year of his entire football career at any level. His passer rating was in the mid-80s and he couldn't hit 20 touchdown passes. He was also playing a nearly 230 pounds and was battling hamstring and lat injuries. On the surface, those with a more aerial view of the Denver Broncos, or I guess, fans of other teams, could say that Wilson's bad play is just because he was and is washed up.

That could be the case indeed even though I don't personally agree. Some have even said that Wilson's 2021 season showed evidence of some decline. Well, I'm not sure the Broncos would win more than a handful of games if Russell Wilson is damaged goods. As great of a coach as Sean Payton is, there are surely things he probably can't overcome, and a washed-up QB might be one of them.