3 reasons Broncos will beat Raiders, 2 reasons they lose

What are the Denver Broncos' biggest advantages against the Raiders on Sunday? Why might they lose?

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Denver Broncos could lose because of...the Raiders' passing game weapons

The Denver Broncos pass rush and defensive backs are going to have to be on their game in a big way on Sunday. The Raiders boast a healthy group of receivers and tight ends that rivals many other in the NFL.

It all starts with Davante Adams, arguably the WR1 of the entire NFL. Even if he's not the best, he's one of them. Adams knows how to get open and he can win at every level of the field. Even though Darren Waller is gone, the Raiders also have Hunter Renfrow and Jakobi Meyers, who can each cause problems for a defense.

Broncos cornerbacks and safeties are going to have to be on their game, as is defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. He will have to scheme up a defense to make sure the Raiders are not able to just get the ball out quickly and continually pick up chunk plays. They have receivers who know how to get open and move the chains.

Denver Broncos will win because they will dominate in the trenches offensively

We didn't know what the identity of the Broncos would be last season, but we know this year that Sean Payton wants to be physical and dominant up front. The Broncos invested a lot of money in the offensive line in 2023, and they're going to expect that group to come out and have a great debut performance against Maxx Crosby and the Raiders.


Is it a bit presumptuous to say they will dominate in the trenches after what we saw last year (and have seen the last few years, quite frankly)? Absolutely, it is. But this is an identity that I think Sean Payton will deem non-negotiable. Expect the Broncos to make it a point to run the ball a lot, and expect a strong showing.

If the Broncos can win the line of scrimmage offensively, they could beat the Raiders handily.

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