3 reasons the Broncos still have strong playoff hopes

Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions
Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages
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2) Strong probability to win out

They start this slate at home this week against the Patriots, a team that is as out of the playoffs as any other team in the AFC. The Patriots have no clear quarterback, there are media reports about the impending departure of Bill Belichick, and the team has no clear future.

This game should easily push the Broncos to 8-7. After, the Broncos welcome in the Chargers, a team they handled 24-7 and then lost to the Raiders while allowing 63 points. With Easton Stick at the helm, the Broncos should go to 9-7 after this one.

Finally, the Broncos have their toughest game remaining. They head to Las Vegas to finish up their season. The Raiders have been a tale of two teams so far this year, with one such as the team that put up 63 points in a route win at home, and the other that lost 3-0 just the week before. One team could stop the Broncos from breaking the second-longest playoff drought in football, the other could propel the Broncos into the big dance.