3 reasons why Broncos' GM George Paton should be fired after 2023 season

George Paton hasn't done enough for this roster to keep his job beyond the 2023 NFL season.

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3. Has the Denver Broncos' roster even gotten better during his tenure?

Let's be honest. Has the Broncos' roster gotten better as a whole since Paton has taken over after the 2020 NFL season? I think there are a few positions where the team has better players than they did before Paton took over, but I don't think the Broncos' roster itself is appreciably better than they were in 2020, the year before Paton came aboard.

His two best moves seem to be drafting Patrick Surtain II and Quinn Meinerz. Both are studs and are among the best of the best at their respective positions. Other than that, what other position has clearly improved? Yeah, not many positions. George Paton seems to be a very smart football mind and he knows more about the NFL than I would ever know.


He's objectively one of the better NFL minds in the league, or else he would have never become a General Manager, but it seems like something with his evaluation of the Denver Broncos was off. My opinion of the talent on this team has truly changed in recent weeks. If you look at this roster as a whole, it's average, at best.

Sean Payton being here is a huge blessing because I think with just league-average coaching, Denver would look even worse than they do now. The Denver Broncos have a talent issue, and the buck stops with George Paton.

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