3 reasons why Broncos' GM George Paton should be fired after 2023 season

George Paton hasn't done enough for this roster to keep his job beyond the 2023 NFL season.

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2. His free-agent decisions have been horridly bad, for the most part

George Paton's free agency moves have been pretty bad if we're being honest. He has signed good players, but he's also signed good players who cannot stay healthy, which is a huge mistake, especially since they are in premium positions. He signed Ronald Darby to a three-year deal, and Darby played 16/34 possible games in Denver. He was cut this past offseason.

He signed Randy Gregory, who has never been able to stay on the field and played in just six games in 2023, being a non-factor for the most part in 2022, and hasn't really done a ton in 2023. He signed K'Waun Williams who played in 14 games in 2022 and is set to miss several more weeks to begin 2023.

He has had a couple of free agency hits like Alex Singleton and DJ Jones, but as an entire body of work, Paton has missed quite a bit in this crucial period of team-building. I appreciate that he has been active in free agency, but the bad has outweighed the good. We could also lump the Russell Wilson trade in this, but I think the 2022 season was such a misleading indication of how Wilson is as a QB. We're seeing Wilson turn back into DangeRuss, but it's hard knowing that the 2022 season was a wash because of the coaching.

George Paton seems to be stronger in the NFL Draft, honestly, so I think he'd be best served in a head scouting role, if you will. Anyway, this is another issue I have with Paton.