3 reasons Broncos could trade Justin Simmons in 2024

The Denver Broncos should trade Justin Simmons this offseason.

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3. The Broncos can find cheap production at safety

The Denver Broncos, in their current state, should not be paying this much for a safety. What I mean by that is the team needs to fill much more important positions like along the defensive line, at the edge, and with the skill players on offense. Having an elite safety should be viewed as a luxury in the NFL, not a requirement.

Justin Simmons is a stellar player, but the Broncos can certainly find similar production at the position for a much lesser cost. This is nothing against Simmons, but if anything, Denver needs to invest heavily along the defensive front seven, as those positions have a much bigger impact on the game than a safety does.

On the free agent market this year, the Broncos could sign players like CJ Gardner-Johnson, Jalen Mills, Darnell Savage, and Kamren Curl, among others. None of them would cost as much as Justin Simmons currently costs the Broncos. With the cap savings that would come with moving Simmons, Denver could invest in a free agent pass rusher or someone along the interior defensive line.


Overall, the arguments for trading Justin Simmons outweigh the reasons for keeping him.

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