3 reasons Broncos could trade Justin Simmons in 2024

The Denver Broncos should trade Justin Simmons this offseason.

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2. Potential for a decent return

Justin Simmons made his second Pro Bowl in 2023. He finished with three interceptions, eight passes defended, one fumble recovery, 70 total tackles, and two tackles for loss. He also added a sack as well. He's been one of the most productive safeties in the NFL over the last 10 years, and that's just a plain fact.

With the NFL obviously being a pass-first league, teams are wanting to add as much talent to their secondary units as possible, and Justin Simmons, even in his eighth year, is still showing no signs of decline and still producing at a high level. The Broncos should be able to get a decent return for Justin Simmons in a potential trade.

We have seen NFL teams trade premier draft picks to try and put the finishing touches on what they hope to be a Super Bowl-caliber roster, and I think the Broncos could get a third and fifth-round pick back for Simmons. He's not going to fetch a first-round pick, as he is 30 years old and does not play a premium position, but he is extremely talented and clearly has gas left in the tank.

With Denver not having a second-round pick this year, getting a respectable haul back for Justin Simmons is a smart move. They'd also be doing right by Simmons if they were to trade him to a playoff team. Simmons has played in 118 games in the NFL and has never played in a postseason game, and he's surely not going to play for another eight years, so time might be running out in his perspective.