3 Quick-fixes the 2023 Denver Broncos can make right away

Are there any quick fixes for the Denver Broncos?

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3) Expand the Field

Off the point of the passing game struggling, the Broncos are throwing the ball much shorter than they should be. Russell Wilson has tallied 1,305 yards so far on the year, an average of just around 220 yards per game. However, Wilson is averaging 5.9 net yards gained per pass attempt. This mark ranks 17th in the league. Wilson also ranks 28th in the league in QBR and has been sacked the 4th most of any quarterback.

His running skills are not as sharp as they used to be, and he has struggled in the intermediate game. Ultimately, the Broncos need to start trying to open up the field for Wilson and the offensive line.

The Broncos have multiple strong speed threats who are more than capable of breaking a large play downfield, including Mims and Jeudy. On the other side of the line, they have Courtland Sutton, who has been nothing but a 50/50 ball machine his entire career. The Broncos have the weapons to run the ball effectively, and then use their effective run game to open up the game down the field for Wilson and his collection of weapons.


It almost feels as though the Broncos are constantly playing the short game: looking for passes before the marker, and settling for their five-yard runs. A dull and boring offense usually leads to losses, but the Broncos can turn that around by airing the ball out more.

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