3 Quick-fixes the 2023 Denver Broncos can make right away

Are there any quick fixes for the Denver Broncos?
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2) Ground and Pound

Many came into the year expecting the Broncos to rely heavily on their running game and use the running game to set up their air attack. However, the Broncos have thrown the ball almost 60 more times than they have run it, showing that they might have their offensive philosophy backward. For all purposes, the Broncos have a strong and diverse backfield: they have a true ground-and-pound back in Javonte Williams, a strong speed back who is viable in the run and passing games in Jaleel McLaughlin, and a strong pass-catching back who is also of service in the pass blocking game in Samaje Perine.

However, the Broncos seem to be staying away from their backfield. If the Broncos want to see better success in 2023, they should start running the ball at a much larger share than they are right now.

Through six games, the Broncos are averaging 106 yards on the ground on roughly 21.5 carries per game. Their backs are averaging around five yards per carry. On the flip side, the Broncos are throwing an average of 31 passes a game, completing 65.9% of them. While this number is fine on the surface, the offense is averaging a shade above 200 yards receiving on the year, showing a possibly ineffective passing game. If the Broncos hope to see some more immediate success, featuring the backfield that is averaging five yards per carry is a good start.