3 quarterbacks who could end up saving Sean Payton's job in Denver

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2. Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Los Angeles Rams

Jimmy Garoppolo?

Both Sean Payton and Jimmy Garoppolo went to Eastern Illinois, as did Tony Romo and Mike Shanahan. As a QB, Garoppolo is someone who fits Sean Payton's offenses. Jimmy G isn't great by any means, but we've all seen just how much he's won in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers.

Garoppolo lives in the pocket and can get the ball out on time and in rhythm. That's simply the type of QB he is, so he'd fit the Denver Broncos. Well, Garoppolo signed a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Rams for 2024, figuring to be Matthew Stafford's backup. Given that Stafford has historically missed games here and there, Garoppolo should get some regular season action.

But anyway, Garoppolo will again be a free agent in 2025, and if you're the Broncos, where do you turn next offseason if Bo Nix is just a flat-out, objective disaster? What happens if Nix is simply a downright horrible QB during year one? There is a line to be drawn for rookie passers; sure, they'll struggle, and struggling is normal, but if it gets to a point with Bo Nix where Payton just isn't comfortable moving forward, you have to wonder if he'd elect to bring someone in like Garoppolo.

Teams can win games with him. For goodness sake, he started in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

3. Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

As of now, Dak Prescott will be a free agent in 2025. The Dallas Cowboys have not extended their QB yet, and honestly, I am not sure they do it. Prescott and the Cowboys have enjoyed a ton of regular season success together, but the team is 2-5 in the postseason in the Prescott era. At some point, it just isn't good enough.

Yes, Dak Prescott is a very good QB, but there isn't much more going on with him when the postseason begins. Perhaps it's due to the teams he's been on, or perhaps it's Prescott himself. Either way, I would not be surprised to see Dallas clean house a bit next offseason if the team again falters in the postseason.

Dak Prescott hitting free agency might sound insane, but like Garoppolo, he fits what the Denver Broncos like to do on offense under Sean Payton. The fanbase might lose their minds if the Broncos bring in another veteran retread at QB for what would likely be at least $50 million per season, but I would not count it out.