3 quarterbacks the Broncos should stay away from this offseason

The Denver Broncos will surely have a fresh face in the quarterback room this offseason, but new does not mean good.

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2. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

With the Chicago Bears having the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Bears are probably going to draft Caleb Williams, meaning they could trade Justin Fields. There is no indication as to what they will do for sure, but all signs seem to point to the Bears resetting at QB with the Heisman Trophy winner.

Fields might be on a new team in 2024, and it should not be the Denver Broncos. Folks, Justin Fields is not a franchise QB in the NFL. He has regressed minimally as a passer, has a fumbling problem, and has thrown 30 interceptions in 40 games. The Bears have gone 10-28 in Fields' 38 starts, and there just is not a lot to hang your hat on with this QB.

Plus, Fields is similar to Russell Wilson in that both are best out of structure, so why would Sean Payton and the Broncos bring in someone like Fields? Even at Russell Wilson's age, Justin Fields is a lesser version of Wilson. The Broncos would also have to give up draft capital to acquire Fields, and Denver is in position to do that.

With all due respect, to those who want Fields in Denver, the hypothetical scenario does not make an ounce of sense.