3 quarterbacks the Broncos should stay away from this offseason

The Denver Broncos will surely have a fresh face in the quarterback room this offseason, but new does not mean good.

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The Denver Broncos clearly have an offense fit for a specific type of quarterback. The team should definitely stay away from a few potential QB options in 2024. I have said in previous articles that I credit the Broncos for at least trying to get the QB right with the trade for Russell Wilson back in 2022.

Teams in the NFL do not find their franchise passer without taking a risk, and for the Broncos, the latest risk they took blew up in their faces. They are now in a must-win type of situation with the QB spot, if that makes sense. They must take a risk on a passer this offseason; and to me, there is no other avenue.

Frankly, I could not care less what QB that is, but they need to bring a fresh face to it and bring someone in who has a chance to be the franchise quarterback of this team. The Broncos can opt to solve their QB situation in many ways, so they do unfortunately have a chance to mess up again.

The Denver Broncos need to stay away from these three QBs in 2024.

1. Ryan Tannehill, 2024 free agent

Middling starter Ryan Tannehill is set to be a free agent in 2024, and he's not likely returning to the Tennessee Titans. Tannehill was an afterthought after moving on from the Miami Dolphins and landing with the Tennessee Titans, originally as Marcus Mariota's backup. In 2019, Tannehill took over as the starter and carved out a nice tenure with the team.

However, the best years of his career were in 2019 and 2020, when Arthur Smith was the Titans' offensive coordinator. During that stretch, the Titans went 18-8 and Tannehill tossed 55 touchdowns against just 13 interceptions. His time in the NFL not with Smith isn't nearly as good.

In fact, from 2021-2023 with the Titans, Tannehill tossed 38 touchdowns against 27 interceptions, earning a 88.7 passer rating. He's an old QB who threw more touchdowns than interceptions this year. To me, the only appeal to bringing Tannehill in as a bridge option is his experience, but the Broncos can find a better QB on the free agent market and might just be better off sticking with Jarrett Stidham.