3 practice squad call-ups to shake things up for Broncos in Week 7

Could the Denver Broncos look to their practice squad for a bit of a change of pace in Week 7?

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Sometimes when an NFL team needs a spark, they've got to turn over every rock to try and find ways to get the team going. That could end up coming from someone as unlikely as a practice squad player who gets called up on a given week.

Could the Broncos look to shake things up in their lineup after losing to the Chiefs last Thursday by calling up someone new from the practice squad? I wouldn't mind seeing that, and I think there are some intriguing candidates in areas where the Broncos have struggled to get things going.

So which players could we see the Broncos give a shot here as we enter Week 7 and a matchup against the Green Bay Packers? Let's take a look at a handful of options that could work out well for Sean Payton and his staff.

3 practice squad call-ups for the Denver Broncos we should see in Week 7

1. PJ Mustipher, DL

The Denver Broncos' run defense has struggled for most of the 2023 season, to say the least. They rank 32nd in the NFL at over 1,000 rushing yards allowed already this year, but they've also been giving up yards in big chunks (5.6 per carry).

PJ Mustipher looked like he was on pace to possibly crack the 53-man roster out of training camp, but the Broncos were ultimately able to sneak him onto the practice squad and he's got the type of big body that could really help plug gaps in the middle, and help the team start winning at the line of scrimmage. With DJ Jones out against the Chiefs, the Broncos promoted the more experienced Tyler Lancaster, but he only played 13 snaps.

We haven't seen enough this season from young players like Matt Henningsen and Elijah Garcia. Maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea to call up PJ Mustipher, give him a package of 15-20 snaps, and see what he can do.