3 positions the Denver Broncos are one injury away from disaster

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2. Running Back

The Denver Broncos still have to do some tinkering with the running back position. So far in the 2023 offseason we've seen the team add veteran Samaje Perine and former Saints running back Tony Jones Jr. Perine, specifically, will play a big role in the offense in 2023 but who knows if Jones will even make the final roster?

The RB1 in Denver is Javonte Williams, but his status is very much in limbo as of right now. Is Javonte going to be healthy for the 2023 season? Is it going to take him starting the season on the PUP or IR before he's fully ready to go? It should be expected that Williams will need to start the season still in recovery mode. With that being the case, what happens if something happens to Samaje Perine?

Where does it leave the Broncos? Furthermore, let's say Javonte Williams is able to start the season on a pitch count and play right away. What happens if something then happens to him? Are the Broncos going to be strong in the running game with Samaje Perine as the RB1 and someone like Tony Jones Jr. in the RB2 slot?

I'm not sold on that either.

Whether in the NFL Draft, free agency, or both, I think the Broncos need to add a couple more backs to the mix. We saw some nice things from Tyler Badie late last season, and we've seen some nice things from another player recovering from injury in Damarea Crockett. The Broncos have bodies at running back, but almost an equal number of question marks.

Perhaps the coaching staff and scouting department are more at ease about the team's depth right now, but I think this team is one injury at running back away from being in disaster mode given how much they want to run the ball this season.