3 positions the Denver Broncos need to avoid with their top pick in 2023

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2. Off-ball linebacker

The Denver Broncos do not need to use their top pick on an off-ball linebacker. As of this time last year, the off-ball linebacker spot was arguably the worst position group on the roster. Remember that?

Josey Jewell was coming off of a season-ending injury, and his status was questionable at the very least.

The Broncos brought in Alex Singleton in free agency, but before he got to Denver, he wasn't exactly beloved by Philadelphia fans, and they weren't exactly sad to see him go. He had signed for just over $1 million and really that move failed to move the needle for people.

Jonas Griffith was exciting as an athlete, but was also considered a project and anything but a sure thing.

The Broncos put their faith in those three guys and while Griffith struggled with an injury, the duo of Jewell and Singleton was arguably one of the best in the entire NFL. The Broncos had outstanding linebacker play all of last season and going into the 2023 NFL Draft, I think they can have confidence in that position group among the top three guys.

Are you really going to go after a linebacker with your top pick in the NFL Draft when you have three guys at that position group that could start? I just don't think that's necessary for the time being. Maybe if the team didn't bring back Singleton it could make sense. As of right now, however, I just don't see how this position group needs to be looked at with the team's top overall pick or either of those two third-rounders.