3 positions the Denver Broncos could trade for within the next calendar year

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3 positions the Denver Broncos could trade for within the next calendar year

2. Left Tackle

Another position I could see the Denver Broncos trading for within the next year is left tackle. There were some light rumblings that the Broncos were thinking about or trying to move on from Garett Bolles this offseason.

Bolles only played in a handful of games in the 2022 season before a broken leg ended his campaign. He's a slightly above-average tackle at this point. I'd be fine if he played at that level for the next five years and retired with the team.

However, with him being under contract for just two more seasons and some obvious potential cap savings, Denver might want to explore a trade to try to get cheaper at the position. The team could just opt to replace him in the 2024 NFL Draft if they wanted, but what if they wanted to try and get a more established player?

Let's take a random left tackle in Jake Matthews from the Atlanta Falcons. Matthews has never been in that elite category, but he's always been available and is scarily dependable. He's as solid as you can possibly get at the LT spot, and I do think that if the Falcons do not make much noise in 2023, we'll see the team fire Arthur Smith and perhaps look to move on from some veteran players.

What if the Broncos were to, let's say, cut Garett Bolles in the 2024 NFL offseason and trade for Matthews? That would be quite the move and would give Denver a better solution at LT. Matthews is better than Bolles even though Bolles had a higher ceiling level of play in 2020. This is just a thought that probably does not come true, though.