3 positions Broncos need to prioritize the most in 2024 offseason

The Denver Broncos have some work to do this offseason.

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2. Offensive Skill Players

I am cheating here a bit and saying the offensive skill players as a whole. I think Denver is mostly fine at running back, however, the run game was nothing special in 2023. The wide receiver and tight end positions need some explosion. Courtland Sutton and Marvin Mims Jr seem to be the only two notable players who are guaranteed to be in this room in 2024.

Jerry Jeudy probably gets traded, and outside of Brandon Johnson, there's not a lot else to talk about with this unit. The Broncos have had a ton of talent in their WR room for years, but they have never stung together consistent play, and injuries have played a bit part in that. I think this room needs some new faces in 2024 and beyond.

And as for the tight end spot, the Broncos got some of the worst overall receiving production in the NFL this year from their TE room. Adam Trautman is a free agent, but he's not a receiving threat, but he has played for Sean Payton in each year of his career, so he knows the offense if nothing else. The Broncos also have Greg Dulcich at TE, but he hardly played this year because of nagging hamstring issues.

Overall, I think the Denver Broncos have one of the worst offensive skill player situations in the NFL. The unit simply is not that good and was a reason why the unit was just OK in 2023.