3 positions Broncos need to prioritize the most in 2024 offseason

The Denver Broncos have some work to do this offseason.

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The Denver Broncos are a well-coached team, but do need an infusion of talent. Which three positions should the team prioritize in the 2024 NFL Offseason? You could argue that the Denver Broncos need to add bodies to every single position on the offense and defense. The roster is fine, but nothing special.

Luckily, the Broncos have a Super Bowl-winning head coach who has built rosters before, so the team is going to be in good hands. The Broncos have the opportunity to create a good bit of cap space and do have their first-round pick in 2024. I do think the franchise is going to be very active this offseason in trying to get some needed talent onto this roster.

However, which three positions should the team look to prioritize the most in 2024?

3 positions Broncos need to prioritize the most in 2024 offseason
1. Quarterback

Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. The Denver Broncos have to acquire a rookie QB somehow this offseason, and they should look to upgrade from Jarrett Stidham. It's clear that Russell Wilson is not going to work out for the Broncos, and he is probably being cut this offseason.

Payton spoke highly of Stidham when the team signed him last year, but I don't think he's nearly as good as the Broncos can get with the QB2, stopgap role. A potential QB room of Jimmy Garoppolo + a rookie would make a ton of sense for the Broncos. And I don't necessarily think Denver needs to use their first-round pick on a passer, but this QB class does seem to feature some passers that fit Payton's offense, and many of them will go in the first round.

However the Broncos go about improving their QB room, it needs to be done.