3 Positional production marks the Broncos need to meet in 2023

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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3) 10+ Sacks

The Broncos have had plenty of 10+ sack seasons over the last handful of years, with Von Miller and Bradley Chubb racking up the QB takedowns. However, since the departure of Miller and Chubb in back-to-back deadlines, the Broncos have suffered from a lack of consistent pass-rushing. Dre'Mont Jones lead the team in sacks last year at 6.5, followed by Bradley Chubb at 5.5.

The player with the highest sack total last year who is still on the club is Baron Browning, who recorded 5 total sacks. New defensive lineman Zach Allen recorded 5.5 himself last year, but he brings the only pass-rushing element to the team through either the draft or free agency. The team still has time to bring some other pass rushers in, especially in the second wave of free agency, but as of now, the team will need someone to step up, possibly a healthy Randy Gregory, to get to the backfield.

If the Broncos can attack the quarterback, as they've done in years past, it sets the team up for success. Part of the biggest issue for the Broncos last year was an inability to get to the backfield, which allowed for a solid run game against the team (over 100 yards per game on average), and a lack of turnovers generated (only 23 takeaways, which was about league average). If the Broncos can generate sacks and get into the backfield, the team would generate a lot more defensive pressure and turn it into defensive opportunities, which can translate into easier positioning for the offense.

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