3 Positional production marks the Broncos need to meet in 2023

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have been an underwhelming team for some time now: whether it be by positional production, the team's records, or the constant coaching changes. A once proud and still historic franchise, the Broncos are in need of a desperate turnaround. If they are to achieve that, they need better production from certain positional groups on the roster: here are three positional stats the Broncos must achieve in 2023.

1) 20 Touchdown Passes by Denver Broncos Quarterbacks

In an ideal world, Russell Wilson goes above and beyond 20 touchdown passes in 2023 for the Broncos. The Broncos have not had a 20-touchdown passer since Payton Manning's 39 in 2014. Simply put, it has been way too long. The Broncos have not exactly had the best run of quarterbacks since Manning left, which is probably the worst-kept secret in football, but the 2023 season poses the best chance for the Broncos to break that unfortunate streak.

Russell Wilson has 10 such seasons of 20 touchdowns in his career and had never had a season with less than 20 touchdowns until 2022. Wilson put up 16 last year in 15 starts, and that's without factoring in that he did not finish every game he started due to injury. The Broncos' offense should be much improved next year, and benefit from a stronger offensive line and a healthier receiving core.

Additionally, the Broncos' running backs room still has a lot of questions around it, which could force the Broncos to be more active in the air. The one back who is guaranteed to be ready to start the year and could also potentially carry a starting-caliber load would be Samaje Perine, who also poses as a strong pass-catching back. This could be a good year for the Broncos to reignite their passing attack, which would lead to Russell Wilson cashing in on at least 20 touchdowns.