3 players the Denver Broncos have too much faith in for the 2024 season

Do the Denver Broncos have too much faith in these players for 2024?
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Greg Dulcich

What is going on here? Why didn't the Denver Broncos draft a tight end or add one in the 2024 NFL Draft? The team did re-sign Adam Trautman, who saw most of the TE work as Greg Dulcich hardly played in 2023, but Trautman is a floor-raiser. He's good for about one, maybe two receptions per game, and can contribute as needed as a blocker.

Overall, though, this TE room is probably the worst in football, and part of me thinks the Broncos are simply banking on Dulcich being able to stay healthy, which has not been the case through his first two seasons. They surely can bank on that, but should have added some insurance with it. Signing someone like Gerald Everett, who went to the Bears, would have brought another viable piece into this room.

Alex Forsyth

Alex Forsyth snapped balls to Bo Nix when the two of them were at Oregon in 2022. Forsyth already has some existing chemistry with Nix, which is awesome, and I do believe he's got the slight advantage to earn the C1 job for 2024. Former center Lloyd Cushenberry departed for the Tennessee Titans in free agency. And he got way too much money for the Broncos to match. Good for him, nonetheless.

Anyway, the Broncos did bring in a low-end free agent center in with the signing of Sam Mustipher. He's likely competing for the job alongside Luke Wattenberg and 2024 draft pick Nick Gargiulo. Just because Denver may have four bodies competing for this job, doesn't mean a viable one will emerge.

There are two iOL players named Connor still on the free agency market that the Broncos should sign immediately. The first one is former Bronco Connor McGovern, who has spent the last four seasons with the New York Jets. He's a quality center. The second one is Connor Williams, formerly of the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys.

Both players were injured in 2023 but are both above-average centers when healthy, which is something the Broncos cannot say the have on the roster.