3 players the Denver Broncos absolutely can't give up on in 2023

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3 players the Denver Broncos can't give up on in 2023

2. KJ Hamler, WR

The Denver Broncos simply cannot give up on KJ Hamler. As a matter of fact, while it would be presumptuous to say they should be planning on him being on the roster in 2024, I think there's a better chance he sticks around beyond this year than a lot of the other guys at the receiver position.

KJ Hamler was a second-round pick out of Penn State in 2020. He came into the league with extremely exciting speed, physicality (especially for his size), and the ability to create offense seemingly out of nothing. KJ Hamler has rare playing speed, which means he doesn't just time well in the 40-yard dash -- he's able to play the game at full speed.

Unfortunately, injuries have defined his NFL career thus far. And if Hamler had any control over that, I am certain that wouldn't be the narrative. No player wants to be injured. Hamler has been through a lot. He's been through some grueling rehab and he's undoubtedly been through a lot mentally and emotionally, having to deal with one injury after the next.

Hamstring issues, major knee surgery, major hip surgery, now a pectoral injury that's keeping him out of offseason work...Injuries have been brutal for Hamler but he's in a contract year and he can help the Denver Broncos. If he can get to full strength, it would be a tremendous asset for the Broncos offense to have his speed out there along with 2023 second-round pick Marvin Mims.

The Broncos simply do not have that kind of speed offensively in spades. They have just a couple of guys with that true sub-4.4 speed and Hamler is one of them. Heck, he might be one of the only sub-4.3 guys on the roster. At some point, Hamler is finally going to be able to stay healthy, and everyone in Broncos Country should be hoping that happens in Denver. When he's healthy, he's been highly effective.

Maybe not relying on him as the second or third option in the offense, but certainly as a secondary option in the passing game and potentially a returner, or whatever else is asked of him. Hamler can still be an asset both in 2023 and down the line further.