3 players (and 1 coach) Broncos must bench after defensive embarrassment

Who should be getting benched for the Denver Broncos?
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4. Randy Gregory needs to be benched more extensively

After Sunday's game against the Bears, Nik Bonitto has officially out-snapped Randy Gregory so far this season, but just by one snap overall. Bonitto has played 155 snaps compared to Gregory's 154, and that's with both appearing in four games. I think we're already starting to see Randy Gregory's playing time get cut down but I think the Broncos might need to "bench" him more extensively yet.

What does that mean? Maybe it means more opportunities for guys like Ronnie Perkins, who was recently signed off of the Patriots' practice squad. Maybe it means more opportunities for Thomas Incoom. Maybe it means when Baron Browning is ready to go, Gregory's role is even mor sparse than it currently has been.

Maybe it means Frank Clark replaces Gregory in the rotation, and Gregory becomes a healthy scratch.

I know that we saw Sean Payton send a clear message when Nik Bonitto started over Randy Gregory in Sunday's game against the Bears and there was nothing subtle about it. Gregory was clearly benched, and rightfully so after what he put on tape against Miami.


When the Broncos signed Randy Gregory to a four-year, $70 million deal in free agency, he was coming off of a season in Dallas in which he played just 437 total snaps (roughly 38 percent). He only played in 12 games that season, but I think this is true -- less may be more with Randy Gregory. Keeping him fresh and giving him a package of plays each game might be the best mode of operation going forward.

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