3 overhyped players Broncos fans need to pump the brakes on

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The offseason is always a time to hype up every player on a team's 90-man roster. It's the appropriate time to believe in a player's upside, to believe that guys can do well with a clean slate, and to believe that players can progress from the glimpses we've seen from them in previous years. The offseason is a time for optimism and hope but there is no doubt that fans often get carried away with the hype and hyperbole. The Denver Broncos have a number of players who have been getting slightly overhyped by the fan base in the 2023 offseason, to say the least.

This isn't uncommon, nor is it even really frowned upon. But we're going to pump the brakes on a few of these players that are generating a little too much hype right now. We're going to pour some cold water.

We're all excited about these players, and we're all excited to see what they will be able to do in training camp and the preseason. But let's talk about why some of these guys are getting overhyped.

3 Denver Broncos players getting overhyped by fans in 2023

1. Drew Sanders, linebacker

I'm just going to come out and say it -- I think Drew Sanders has been getting massively overhyped at this point. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First of all, Denver Broncos fans have believed that the team needs this unicorn-like, tight end-stopping, absolute eraser of a player at the off-ball linebacker position. In the minds of many fans, this linebacker the've dreamt up in their minds is someone who will put an end to Travis Kelce's reign over the team. He will attack the line of scrimmage with no fear, racking up tackles for loss as well as causing havoc as a pass rusher when he's not dominating in coverage.

Oh, wait -- that player doesn't exist? The problem is, you would think the selection of Drew Sanders was an answer of many prayers prayed to the football gods to send this unicorn-like linebacker to the Mile High City.

I think Drew Sanders will be a good player, but the reality of his situation right now is that he's going to have to cut his teeth on special teams with three starter-caliber players already on the depth chart at his position. He's still very new to the position. He has a lot of development left, and it wouldn't be surprising if he made very few contributions to the defense in his first NFL season.