3 outrageous options to replace Russell Wilson as Broncos QB in 2024

What are some out-there options for the Denver Broncos to replace Russell Wilson at QB if need be?

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3. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

I have another theory about another NFC QB, and I think this one is more likely to come true. The 2023 Arizona Cardinals are going to be bad. In fact, they cut their projected starter, Colt McCoy, and their new projected starter just might be Josh Dobbs, who they acquired very recently. It's a mess in Arizona right now, and I think this front office and coaching staff know that this team is embracing a full rebuild.

In fact, that was likely the plan going into this season, especially with Kyler Murray not yet fully back from his torn ACL. He's still on the PUP list, so he'll miss the first four games, and there is a real possibility that the Cardinals are 0-4 after their first four contests. Couple this with the fact that USC quarterback Caleb Williams looks to be a generational prospect who is projected to come out in 2024, and it's easy to see why the Cardinals might not want to continue with Kyler Murray.

I think what eventually happens is that the Cardinals are bad enough to earn the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, set their eyes on Williams, and get some cap relief by then trading Kyler Murray and resetting their franchise with Williams, who has the potential to be a much better QB than Murray is. I do really like Kyler Murray; he's a very good QB in my opinion, and I would not hate it at all if Denver were to make a play for him.


He's a true dual-threat QB and is still in his mid-20s, so he'd be someone the Broncos could pair with Sean Payton for years to come. Among the three QBs I have floated in this article, Kyler Murray would make the most sense for the long term. I even think that the Broncos could try to swing this hypothetical trade even if Wilson bounces back a bit in 2023.

Perhaps he's better than he was in 2022 but not quite where he needed to be. If Denver is clearly not getting enough out of their QB, I would not be surprised to see Payton make an aggressive play to upgrade the position.

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